Time And Attendance NRs.18500/-

Time And Attendance

Realtime Eco S C121-ta Time And Attendance
Fingerprint Users: 1,000
Card User : 1,000
Password User : 1,000
Attendance Records : 100,000
Fingerprint Verification Mode : 1:1, 1:N
Working Mode: Offline
Verification : Fingerprint, ID Card, Password
Combination : FP+Card, PIN+Card, FP+PIN+Card
Verification Time: >1.0s

General Detail
Total Ad Views: 27 times
Posted on: 2018-12-12 (Expires on: 84 days)
City: Kathmandu
Category: Electronic & Technology / Office Equipment & Electronics
Ad Type: Offering Ads
Poster Type: Individual
Item Detail
Condition: Brand New
Price: NRs. 18500
Market Price: NRs. 20000
Price Negotiable: No
Other Info
Reference Site URL:
Contact Number: 9851154141
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Time And Attendance

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Khil Magar (Member since 2018)



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