Post anything and get mobile balance for free

This feature is “BLOCKED” for now as there is a problem in system

We have introduced a new marketing strategy for limited period. Instead of advertising on Newspaper, online medias, we will be sharing that advertise money to our very regular users. Now you can “Earn Money by Posting Free Ads” on Yes, you heard the right thing, just simply post your ads, the more people visit your ad, the more money you can get from it. You can post unlimited ads, there is no restriction in posting your ads.

Now there will be more questions like the payment method, the paid amount, process of claim and more. Here we are explaining all in detail.

We have created a system that your ad will be count once by tracking your IP Address. That is your unique visit of your ad. You can click on your same ad for unlimited times, your total visit will increase but your unique visit will stay same because you are using your same computer with same IP. If you want to get more visits on your ad and get more money then you can share your ads on your Facebook and other social medias so that people will hit your ad and you will earn more money. From other side you are doing business as well and you are earning money from as well. If you are still not clear with Total visits and Unique visits of the Ad, you can directly call to our support team for more information. (Support: 9803451424 – Mr. Surdesh)

Another part is how much you get and how to claim? Currently, we provide NRs. 0.05/- on each unique visit. You can post unlimited ads and share them to earn more visits and more money. To claim your earned amount, there should be at-least NRs. 30.00/- only then a claim button will appear in your dashboard. Currently we are transferring those amount in your mobile phones as your mobile balance. Its easy and fast.

Now what are you looking for ? Go and post your ads on, share it and earn money NOW !!!

P.S: This scheme is available for Under Nepal only.

16 thoughts on “This feature is “BLOCKED” for now as there is a problem in system”

    1. Yes, I got paid not in cash but I got it as a Mobile Balance. They will top-up the balance in our mobile numbers. Its easy man…

    1. Yes, you post your ads and the more people visit, the more you get paid as an mobile balance and this is not fake, this is REAL !!

  1. Yeah.. it really works… They recharge the mobile balance that you provide.. Just got Rs. 58. yo dheai ta hoina… tara kehi napaunu bhanda thorai payeko jaati

  2. I was amazed to see balance on my mobile, It really works, glad to see Rs 50 in my mobile.

    Thank you Haatemaalo

    1. Simple,
      1. Register
      2. Confirm your mail id through mail inbox
      3. Login
      4. Post your ads through “free ad post” buttom

  3. sir there is a one problem that is i have posted 15 ads and now i see in my account there is only 9 ads active why this happen ?? my previously ads where is gone???

    1. Dear Gupta jee, your posted ad is valid for 90 days. After 90 days it expires and auto delete after expire alerting you on your dash board. You can reactive it with in 1 week otherwise it deleted. So keep on updating with your account. Thank you for using haatemaalo.

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