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Introduction of our Blog

Dear readers and users, We have just introduced our blog in order to take a chance to connect with you all. We believe that now technology is a wonderful and best way for all of us to share our creative thoughts and ideas. We trust what we see and we really hope that we could shape up the world around us. is not only meant for b2b purpose. This could be the first step of it, but with the name haatemaalo, we really like to grow up helping each other in many cases. Now we need all your support to decide the category of those cases.

7 thoughts on “Introduction of our Blog”

  1. Sir please yo website ma one thing missing cha, mobile bata kholda ” log out ” garne option chaina please yo Milaunu hola

    1. Dipak jee, tapaile site kholne bittikai mobile ko screen ma mathi right side tira yauta 3 lines bhako box dekhnu huncha , tyahi button bata register, login ra log out garne ho.

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