About Us

Online shopping is making everyone's life easier as it helps in saving our time. Internet makes the way of buying and selling goods very easy. The thing you have to do is to go through the website, search the products you want to buy or post an advertisement for the product you want to sell. It won't take more than a minute.

Haatemaalo is also a free online classified site where you can buy products and post an advertisement to sell your products. Haatemaalo enables individuals as well as companies to sell new or used products online. Haatemaalo.com believes that Internet is a great promotional vehicle as well as communication channel for connecting buyers and sellers. Haatemaalo, online shopping place in Nepal provides a perfect solution to all the customers as they can sell their products for free.

Haatemaalo.com is an online portal for getting the products you want from your PC. It is a place where you can get both second hand and fresh products at an affordable price. Not only you can buy your products but also you can sell your products via haatemaalo.com.

We have launched the store feature as well. If you have your store or business, create an account in Haatemaalo.com as vendor. You will have your own store and your own page in it. You can almost post any item related to your business, get clients from us and have a good business from the site. This will help you in a separate way, you already have your clients, that is your assest but haatemaalo will give you more client in order to increase your monthly sale and will help to grow profit from it.