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We have three types of Registration, first you need to click on Register button which is located at top right side of the website.

Once you are in registration page, you will see two column with 3 different types of registration feature.
- First one is a normal registration providing us your name, address and email information.
- Second one is Facebook Registration below the normal registration, if you really hesitate to write all information then simply you can register with us through your Facebook Account.
- And the last one is in second column with a heading named "I don't have account, send me link to access all Ad Posts". This is really good for those who want very quick registration. Just provide us your email address, we will send you a password to access all Posts. The password we sent you might be difficult to remember but once you get your password, you can login to our system and change your password from your dashboard by clicking on "Edit Profile". Isn't this easy ?

Note: If you did simple registration, the step one then you need to verify your email before login, you will get message also once you register with us.

In this case, we have to say "NO". For security reasons and to prevent from scams/phising, you must register with us and login through your email address and password, once you are logged in you are capable of doing anything. We have personal chat also which will benefit you direct talk with the seller without calling or spending a paisa.

Once you are login with your username and password you will have your own dashboard. There you can see "Post and Ad" button. To post a new Ad you need to click on it. You can see in the figure to sort out where the button is.

Post New Ad

Once you click the button, you will need to choose your desired category, choose your first category then a second category will appear to choose. In some cases there are three categories also, so you need to be little careful on choosing the categories. Check on the figure, how to choose the category.

Category Steps

After choosing category, you will simply need to put your information to publish your advertisement. It is always better to pur more information about your product