AQUA grand plus water purifier

Rs. 25,500

Electronic & Technology, Kitchen Electronics

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AQUA grand+: AQUA Grand+ World’s Most Technologically Advanced Water purifier Mineral ROTM - Purification by sediment filter+activated carbon filter+RO+UV+UF with TDS Controller. AQUA Grand+ has an elegant wall mountable design with transparent cover, best fit for kitchens. It saves expensive counter space and provides convenience while drawing water. The transparent cover makes all the components in the purifier easily visible and displays the cutting-edge technology behind it. Also the storage tank has a unique water level indicator that shows the level of water in it.

Transparent cover with Water Level Indicator
Double purification by RO + UV + UF with TDS controller
Removes even Dissolved Impurities while retaining Essential Minerals
An ISO Certified company
suitable for water from all sources such as bore-wells, tanks or tap-water
Purified water storage capacity of 11 liters with water level indicator
production capacity 11-15 liters/hour
Incorporates Filmtec RO membrane, the most trusted RO membrane brand in the world
High power 11W UV lamp for complete deactivation of harmful micro-organisms
Fully automatic operation with auto-start and auto-of
Built-in SMPS that supports wide range of input voltage (100-300V AC) for handling voltage fluctuations
Dimension 53x36.5x19(LxWxH)
Weight 11.5kgs (approx)