Massage Pillow(car and home)

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INNOVATIVE TECHNOLOGY – The Sleep Restoration Massage Pillow uses innovative technology that provides a relaxing massage with gentle warmth to help you unwind! Our design promotes blood circulation, mitigates fatigue, reduces neck pain, back pain, and shoulder pain.
PORTABLE & CONVENIENT – Our massage pillow is multi-functional, and portable. Enjoy it at home, in your car, or even the office! Relax awaits you anywhere, anytime!
4 DEEP KNEADING MASSAGE HEADS – The 4 kneading massage heads provide in-depth, deep massages that help with muscle fatigue and poor blood circulation. It also alleviates pain associated with muscle tenderness. Our specially designed massage heads mimic the kneading and penetrating motions of a real massage therapist's hands!
RELAXING & SOOTHING HEAT – The heat feature provides gentle warmth that has a hot compression effect, helping to relieve aches, pain, tension, and knots. It is perfect for use on the upper back, lower back, and more. It’s a relaxing way to unwind from a stressful day!