40 KG Power Twister - Black

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  • 100% Brand New with good quality
  • Perfect for building upper body strength
  • The role of throwing arm device. It is used to exercise the arm muscles.Its main exercise muscles and chest auxiliary exercise wrist.
  • Increase the muscle strength of upper limbs.including the pectoralis major shoulder elbow and wrist joints and other parts of the power.
  • It can make the upper limb muscles and increase the arm strength.Improve the quality of the body
  • The is a portable exercise device that is great for home, office or travel use. 

Method of use: 

  • Two arms bending spring after the neck.
  • Two arms forward and upward bending spring and then relax.
  • Two arms to her chest bending spring and then straight slowly relax.
  • Stand up two feet apart.your right elbow bent with his left hand bending spring and then left elbow bend with the right hand bending spring.
  • Behind two arms to hold spring and then bending straight down gradually.
  • The pursuit of quantity not weight.


  • Before use please check whether the methods implement the connection parts is firm.no loose phenomenon.
  • Please Make sure you have enough power to use the 30KG or 40KG or 50KG or 60KG Level
  • Before use, please carry arm device handle seat belt on your wrist.
  • When using, should choose relatively spacious field exercise, lest hurt to sell.
  • Operating at a constant speed when using, should do.
  • Below are for reference only, how to choose according to individual constitution and decide, please
  • 20kg(Lightweight),30kg(Strong),40kg(Professional),50kg(Trainer),60kg(Strongest)
Accepted * Condition Applied. Learn here for Return Policy.


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