Butterfly Timo Boll CF 1000 Tennis Racket

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    Table Tennis

Shakehand style is possibly the oldest surviving grip since the table tennis racket took its current shape. This is similar to a tennis grip with the index finger extended over the racket head perpendicular to the handle. This grip allows almost even power distribution over forehand and backhand shots, but has a wider crossover point in between.Flared (FL) handle is the most popular style. The handle is wide at the base and is concave in the center. Great for playing forehand swing.
Carbon Fiber Features: 

  • Carbon fiber layers will add more speed to a racket and it will also increase the size of the sweet-spot, making the racket more consistent. 
  • Carbon also acts as a reinforcing layer which will strengthen the racket. 
  • Carbon rackets are ideal for hitters and power players.
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