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  • * The touchless cleaning system
  • * Revolutionary mop bucket with dual chambers
  • * Wash side cleans mop
  • * Dryer side allows you dry to desired wetness
  • * Microfiber mop pad safe for all floors
  • * Machine washable
  • * 360-degree swivel maneuvers around furniture     effortlessly
  • * The more you plunge, the cleaner your mop
  • * Includes -In And Out Mop, bucket, and microfiber   mop pad
  • * DUAL CHAMBERS: dual chamber bucket washes   mop head on one side, dries on the other.
  • * SOFT MICROFIBER: reusable, machine-washable   mop head is gentle on hard surfaces.

Ordinary mop and bucket systems only give you the illusion that your floors are clean. But when you look at your mop head, it’s filthy. You’re mopping all that bacteria across your floors. Then, you touch it to remove the pad. Gross. There’s a better cleaning mop. Hurricane In and Out Mop has a microfiber mop head that’s safe for all hard floor surfaces. It’s revolutionary mop bucket has a dual chamber system that washes your mop head on one side, then dries it on the other. Simply plunge your dirty mop in the wash side of the bucket. The more you plunge, the cleaner it gets! The, plunge it on the Dryer side. Clean water filters off the mop and back into the wash side to save cleaning solution. Periodically toss dirt mop pads into the washing machine for a thorough clean. In And Out Mop’s microfiber mop pad swivels 360 degrees and maneuvers easily under and around furniture. Hurricane In And Out Mop is the last floor mop you’ll ever need!
The touchless cleaning system

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