Ultra-Absorbing Self-Wringing Floor Cleaning Sponge Mop

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    Cleaning Tools
  • Super absorbent Sponge Mop, Pull on the handle to drench your mop! No fuss, Easy work!,
  • Adjustable Handle, Handle can be adjusted to a length of 1.2 Meter,
  • Why risk pulling your muscles with other short mops when you can use this handy mop!, Safe to use on virtually all floors including wood and laminate,
  • Can efficiently clean tough or uneven surfaces such as kitchen tiles and can be used for scrubbing dried on dirt,
  • Makes cleaning more fun and less of a chore leaving your home clean, fresh and sparkling!,
  • Ultra-absorbent sponge mop head that cleans, absorbs and dries in one go
  • Holds up to 10 times as much as a mop
  • ‘Wring-Max’ technology engineered for easy, maximum wringing
  • Non-drip sponge for less mess between floor and bucket
  • Telescopic handle lets you can reach high up
  • Clean windows or use damp for dust or to pull pet hairs from carpets
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